The8 and Mingyu are actually roommates now (revealed in vlive). Overall, it’s Mingyu…no offense but I would place Vernon lower tbh if not for the fact that he is most recognizable member in the group. Number Speller . Listen to the pronunciation of the numbers from 1 to 100. – Hoshi wants to be Woozi for a day because he’s always amazed when he sees Woozi. Thank you for the update and for providing the source, it’s really appreciated! – His favorite animals are rabbits. Thank you for the update! Seokmin is the leader. I think the dorms might be switched, meaning Dorm 1 is upstairs and Dorm 2 is downstairs. – Wonwoo believes that Seungkwan’s voice suits balads S.Coups’ Spotify list:  Songs that I like, S.Coups Facts: Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source! if he’s the younger sibling then his sister shouldn’t be calling him “oppa”, he should be calling her “noona”. Also, isn’t Vernon the face of the group, due to fact that he participates in variety shows a lot. That’s one rule you can count on. Stage name: S.Coups (에스쿱스) Vernon is part of the Mnet show ‘Tutor where her tutors Carats subjects like English and Korean. , no, that’s his stage name, his real name is Lee Seokmin, nope! Thank you for the info and for providing the source! , Thanks, we gave you credits in his individual profile. Mingyu is in it too and I think DK as well, Lucky half of them like older girls and the half are out of my league i am a dongsaeng to them by at least 5 years (my difference with Dino), Does anyone realise that none of them are Taurus’ or Pisces or Virgo?? Birthday: November 7, 1997 They were all in the MV. Children’s Spelling 8 - Numbers 11 To 20 This children’s educational video teaches kids how to spell the numbers from 11 to 20: eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen… – He became a trainee in 2012. Nationality: Korean guys help me. just because hes the 12th name under the bias poll doesnt mean people dont appreciate him. , @qwertasdfgzxcvb:disqus for your information, kpoppredictions_ twitter account said that seventeen will have new unit, believe it or not almost all of their predictions came true !!! It also be better to be from the same photo set. . 5. Thanks a lot, it has been mentioned in their individual profiles, we gave you credits in the posts there. Some of those positions are wrong.. Jeonghan and are just Vocal team members. , I also saw fans posting news about his new tattoo Also love their English interviews. Poll: Who owned VICTON’s nostalgic night era. I am not sure if that was in the information thing…, @collectingdreams:disqus @JinShook:disqus @jxnn:disqus I didn’t see it on his facts so if u have it i must be blind >~<, Latest comeback, Their most recent song – He ranks himself #1 visuals in Hip Hop unit. – He has a younger brother, named Lee Gun, born in 2001. That’s hard to answer. He updated during a fansign that’s he’s 80 kg now, Jun, Mingyu, and The8 have been Nominated for 100 most handsome faces, That’s because he had worked out lately that he has biceps, In the program “My Celebrity Tutor”, he revealed that his height is 1.78 cm…, In 2016, Jun got the position #81 in the 100 most handsome faces of TC Candler…, Oof he’s visual to me no matter even if he’s not visual to the others, I’m not obssesed It would make sense to label all performance team members as lead or main dancers. , Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! Latest Japanese comeback: We had close up pics before, but once the current comeback official photos were released, there were lots of comments asking us to replace the old photos with the new official ones, so we did that. Mingyu: 1.87m A slight amendment to The8’s profile, instead of China’s Produce 101 it should be Idol Producer. She’s referring at the voting results. How do you spell 8th?" How do I correctly fill in the amount of 17 in a cheque. Choi and Chwe are the exact same thing, But Korean always write their name in English using Choi because it’s the most common way to write it. For those who don’t know Korean well they would be more inclined to call him “Ji huh-n” instead of “Ji hoon” which is the correct pronunciation. , my bias is S.Coups! I also believe he’s been to China however I’m not sure. — credits to Dani (@/w00zis on twitter). Mingyu, these photos are the official ones for dawn version. Lol I can feel you! , actually, woozi was supposed to be in performance tram, but since he making svt songs he got into vocal team, Thanks for the info! Just those who made it are considered members. He is on the cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius but if you look up his birth date (November 22 1996) then you will will find a site called and there you will see what zodiac sign he was born in (because it can change from time to time) and it says Sagittarius. a poll doesn’t assume that fans are being unfair or dislike the other members. His family name is Choi. – Seungkwan said The8 has high sensitivity, and his concern for style is no joke @disqus_mLuEbi2uCI:disqus MBTI: ENFJ Seungcheol Thanks! and Vernon himself told carats it’s Chwe? They are born in the same year and you can see how much they care for each other the most. – He choreographs most of Seventeen’s routines. Vernon did grew up a lot but it also depends on their body position or on the insoles they wear because let’s be serious, the Kpop idols wear insoles unlike someone i care about all the members!! Let’s keep a nice tone while commenting and let’s be nice to each other! Instagram: @xuminghao_o And Jeon Wonwoo is actually under appreciated and needs more love. . Seventeen doesnt have a center but I see yall Pledis >->, isn’t hansol’s last name chwe and not choi?? It clearly says mingyu is the face of the group which usually means center. Source: at 16:02, Vernon, Hoshi, Dino, Jun and Wonwoo share the largest a room in the dorm, that’s why it says they are roommates. This symbol ㅗ in Hangul is their equivalent of the letter “o”. (I tried 'select to_char( to_date(5373484,'J'),'Jsp') from dual; ' with no Problem).Is there … Aquarius: 3: DK & Vernon & Dino Who’s the most liked member in seventeen? woah really….it’s cool….how many copyright that woozi has…woah…! They trusted him so they let him do what he wanted and supported him. 13. he’s so talented and so handsome, he deserves his popularity! I’m so happy I just found out that woozi has the same birthdate as me . . The number 17 is written as seventeen in English words. I’m an ARMY… Their mv Don’t wanna cry” hooked my heart!.. – He was born in New York, United States. Thanks a lot for the update and for your help, it’s really appreciated! Thanks a lot for the heads up, it has been corrected! This is most accurate popularity ranking I’ve seen on the internet. Wonwoo Nationality: Korean 4th 3 months ago and now he’s no. In other words I disagree that Wonwoo and Mingyu are the closest. 5th = fifth (This is the 5th time I've taken my driving test.) – He was born in Iksan-si, Jeollakbu-do, South Korea. Hi! thank you for explaining admin @disqus_gZ2lmcSNkZ:disqus Kartik. So it’s just a misleading statement then. can you also do please a page for their sub units too like how you did in booseoksoon and svt leaders? Wow, all their “ideal girls” are nonexistent where I live!, Thx for stopping the drama. It can help new fans find more info about them. We also gave you credits in the post! can you plz provide the video source for that? (no hate to other members of course. Probably because Pledis had to use his birth name as when you’re born in America and have an Asian name, you usually don’t get it changed. I never noticed that! Real name: Jia HanYu – Woozi’s ideal type: a girl who is bright and friendly. ( l w l )/ He said it himself in “Weekly Idol”~, The pics had been added! . Though it is pretty drastic to change your last name for Americans to understand how it’s pronounced,, The predebut pictures seem to be using their real birth names, as in Asia you normally don’t have a middle name so they just put first and last. Kpop Girl Group Profiles Or is it that those are actual votes? Thank you for the update, it’s really appreciated! The facts have been added! MBTI: INFJ source: SVT Club episode 8, Mingyu gaint weight to 80 Kg, he said it on one of SVT Club’ video, @mystic_a:disqus – He was born in Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The numbers from 1 to 100 in English - Chart and ESL Video. OMG! -when one of the members are feeling upset, he mimics voices of people, like their CEO, to make them laugh Instagram: @sound_of_coups Spelling 1 to 20! If you look on the Zodiacal sites 22 November is the 1st day of Sagittarius , Thank you for the comment, it has been added! Stage Name: Vernon (버논) He’s been to the U.S when preforming at Kcon and Japan during their tour they did. why is seungkwan the one who has the least votes? We noted it in Dino’s individual profile. , @sanajaffexol:disqus Both of them have sung in some of their songs. Xin Long: Has he ever talked about it officially? We already have an A.C.E profile. 3. – Mingyu said that Seungkwan’s banter with DK is funny. – His favorite ice cream is Vanilla ice cream. Hi I was wondering if you could add to DK’s profile that he competed on King of Masked Singer (ep 69&70) as Baby Goblin/Baby Demon, making it to the 3rd round. Note 2: To clear up the confusion and a common misconception: Sub Vocalist/Sub Rapper and Vocalist/Rapper have the same meaning. Nickname: Long Long Vernon’s family name is Choi not Chwe he said it himself that they spell that to avoid mispronounciations but he didn’t say that it actually spell Chwe So please change his name back to Hansol Vernon Choi, But of course everyone here are Visuals , aww why is my baby boo the least favorite ><, As far as i know, jeonghan has a younger sister, it’s funny to think that some of the carats are voting for their bias and being unfair with others, Please let’s not make a big deal about the voting poll carats are fam okay . And I really love him. I’m pretty sure Vernon isn’t the face of the group. why Dino is so underrated?he has little lines in every songs.. he deserves better bcause he is so talented, Woozi has Instagram now! maybe have the ” Sun Ver ” ? wonwoo and i have the same bday ;w; 2 years apart. Vernon ranked 90 in 100 ASIAN HEARTTHROBS of 2019 That’s all. Look, I don’t even bellieve in the stuff, but my aunt is an astrologer, and January 16 is not on the cups. Stage Name: Jun (준) @disqus_CKmGbIWL6W:disqus – Woozi doesn’t have the thought to get a driver’s licence. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp Jeonghan We credited you in the post there. @collectingdreams:disqus, Vernon: , he is considered part of the visual line, especially by the international fans, but the official visual is Mingyu, why my baby boo has the least fans he deserves the world give him more love pls, ohmygod i completely understand you! two shows, mingyu is an inkigayo mc and has accompanied seungkwan to some of his variety appearances. S.Coups her in the philippines their is a lola who love seventeen her bias is mingyu we called her grandma carat, I honestly came here as a new fan who didn’t know anything about svt and wanted to know more about DK since he caught my attention in their new mv Thanks. He would like to be Woozi since he would like to be able to make whatever song he wanted to. And some people in korea call vernon a “face genious” which means that his face is so perfect. , Hi…I just want to let you know that since SVT just did a comeback…I could try to find their concept photos…but that might take long…just want to let y’all know that, and Dino is Yeri’s (Red Velvet) friend they at the same school but idk if they at the same class too…. (going seventeen ep 21) 4/16/19. 3…. Position: Main Vocalist, Face of the Group Blood Type: O (RH-) well, they haven’t made the comeback yet, but the photo teaser’s are here! Jun: 1.82m !i cant take my eyes off. So he workED hard to become the artist he is today. Problems often arise when trying to spell bigger numbers such as 17. In case some of you guys never caught the mistake, Dino has been to another country., omg JUN!! It really just depends if their vocal’s suit the sing or not and if you haven’t notice Joshua’s vocal suit an acoustic like song. /, whoa~ i didn’t know that seokmin is older than mingyu. Учебный ресурс | 1 - one, 2 - two, 3 - three, 4 - four, 5 - five, 6 - six, 7 - seven, 8 - eight, 9 - nine, 10 - ten, 11 - eleven, 12 - twelve, 13 - thirteen. Dokyeom has his own room Some of the info has been already added to their individual profiles, the rest of the info that has been confirmed was now added to their individual profiles! wonwoo and the8 was nominated. Stage Name: Dino (디노) I saw you also posted something like this in the KARD page XD , Thanks for helping with info, we gave you credits in his individual profile page. It supports 20 languages. For reference on MBTI types: February 18 is not on the cusp. . Joshua is fully Korean but was born and raised in America. just a fact i thought some new carats would like to know. Thanks for the heads up! a lot of people are only recognizing him because he look like Suga and not because of his hardwork, and it saddens as carats about it, as much as Jun gets recognition for being a Heechul lookalike, Woozi didn’t, instead non carats only know him because he looks like Woozi. So the current room assignments would be this: Room 1: Seungkwan, DK, Joshua (Smallest room) Choi and Chwe are written the same in Hangul Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Seungkwan: I think Vernon’s Korean family name should be spelt the same as the English spelling because that’s how he spells it and Koreans don’t like it when others wrongly romanise (to use the roman alphabet to write something in another language) names. He is Woozi! , Yes, that is already added to their individual profiles. In both British English and American English, many words have variations in spelling, but numbers will be spelled the same. It is not a bot for the million times! For personality- Seungkwan. Can you mention if the members have siblings or not cuz I know some doesn’t like Joshua and I feel like therlike are others I just don’t remember. – He appeared in NU’EST’s “Face” MV. (Going Seventeen ep 12) not to mention that you also can’t vote immediately after you voted… that would be impossible , but many people voting could do that. – He likes to vacuum and clean up the trash in the dorm. – Coming from another country, Jun doesn’t have much of a problem as far as food. Numbers 1-100 in English . 2013: joshua, jeonghan, the8, cred: @/ladykyul on twitter , @qwertasdfgzxcvb:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! Ariana is always mentioned everywhere Ariana Grande is the hottest name to the general public right now, yet you look at their album sales and guess who sales more, Taylor, we look at their music videos and guess who has the most views and the most likes? (jeonghan, wonwoo, hoshi, vernon) (joshua, mingyu, woozi, the8) (jun, dino, s.coups) (seungkwan, DK) (last is group photo). Or just take some from their insta ;w; thank’s! Stage Name: Woozi (우지) source:, Mingyu is rank 32 in The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018, Ah I see. – He says he’s closest to Joshua among all the Seventeen members. Hoshi’s Spotify list:  Tiger’s playlist, Hoshi Facts: @disqus_8oNxVVUGed:disqus As @thesmolpeach:disqus said, they were just trainees. Mingyu and Vernon stans, it’s okay, It just show how their fans are loyal and would waste their time supporting their bias, Vernon Korean name is like this : 최한솔 (Choi HanSol). (Erika) Seungkwan: 1.74m And sorry, I edited the post a lot for the pictures so that’s why you might have missed it XD. Official Website: – Jun went to a convenience store with a friend and met a manager on the street. It’s a bit difficult to know the exact sign since it’s the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, so it depends a lot on the exact time and place of birth. , Pretty sure that they confirmed their new roommates in svt club(well except for some), DK -has his own room Thanks. Number Words Rap. – Dino wants to be Woozi for a day. It’s really hard to please everyone. – He became a trainee in 2011. Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist congrats for winning Best Star Award at Asia Star Awards 2016 They weren’t official members but they were still a part of Seventeen originally. 6th Floor – S.Coups, Joshua, The8 (all solo rooms), Wonwoo & Mingyu (roommates) Thank you for the comment! Height: 182 cm (6’0″) He is very good at representing his group. Instagram: @woozi_universefactory – He doesn’t like cucumbers. Dino won’t be the last on the ranking anymore. Well, in a way they are members they just aren’t official! I like the way he tries to make everyone feel happy. Joshua isn’t “Korean with American citizenship” he’s Korean-American just the same as Vernon :(. Thanks a lot for the feedback! Room 4: Mingyu and The8, Also. Sub-Unit: Hip-Hop Team what’s the big deal? Seungkwan is a member of the new variety show of tvN called Prison Life Of Fools with IZ*ONE’ yena and yujin & GOT7′ JB :)), i also think that they deserve it i mean in my opinion if pledis wouldnt be THAT f*cked up they would give minghao a lead rapper and junhui a lead vocalist cause they actually deserve it but this company actually HATES them they don’t want them to sing and rap much or smth although minghaos korean is much better than it was few years ago and junhuis korean has always been on point so i dont understand it either, yes youre right his korean name is choi hansol and his american name is hansol chwe but chwe and choi are actually the same in hangul so like yes this page is wrong, he is a sub rapper. – On March 3, 2020 S. Coups announced the end of his hiatus. Its the fact talking about the kakao black taxi^^ so it would be great if someone could edit it!! , @arnestlim:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! Hoshi is one of those members who just everyone adores, but he’s been extremely close with Wonwoo, Mingyu, and DK since predebut for so long. – He is a Harry Potter fan. Vernon-shares with Hoshi, Jeonghan, Joshua, Scoups and wonwoo were the ones who haven’t confirmed their roommates, But in my opinion it’s Jeonghan and Joshua, Scoups and Wonwoo, Listen I knew the8 was a skinny legend but 116 lbs wtf. Wonu •Joshua – 177 cm 58 kg Hi. OMG my baby Wonwoo has the most votes. MBTI: INFP u-e, ue, or ew?. Why did the admin take down all the comments here exposing Wonwho stans blatantly cheating? Wow, really!?! •The8 – 179 cm 53 kg Here we are providing the best method to learn Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 within 1 Hour period of time. 4. – Jeonghan’s ideal type girl is someone who loves them and buys their albums. -before vlive broadcasts, he and hoshi hosted Andromada We gave you credits in the post! Stage Name: Wonwoo (원우) During the 3 days of their fanmeets in Korea, he cried all throughout And now Wowoo is 3rd and DK is 2nd to last. Birth Name: Lee Chan (이찬) Seventeen’s actual dormmates have been revealed already. I thought Woozi was the composer for their songs… am I wrong? N = Intuitive, S = Observant Weverse: SEVENTEEN, Seventeen Members Profile: wait really, do you have a link to that? Dino’s Spotify list:  Joy, anger, sorrow & pleasure, Dino Facts: (Mingyu) What is the name of 45? They’re trainees that didn’t make the final lineup because they left the company way prior to debut. , also i’m confused on how Mingyu and Th8 share a room, but Mingyu, S.Coups, Jeonghan and Woozi share a room, BooSeokSoon debuted today and DK is the leader. credits to Kait (@/seungkwality on twitter), Jungkook and Bambam mentioned the 97 liner squad in their ‘thanks to’ in their recent albums even., during a fan sign, Wonwoo said that the member he is closest to is Hoshi. , to KProfile, can you change the image Hoshi, convert the image where she is wearing a black shirt and black trousers, in the picture she is sitting … TQ, It would be better if you’d provide the photo, as can’t really tell exactly what photo you are talking about. We are not born understanding language but most young children develop an understanding of spoken language well before preschool. – He has a sister, named Minseo, who is 4 years younger than him. I might be one of the persons you talk about cause I come to vote for Mingyu , FOR THOSE WHO ARE WONDERING WHY WONWOO IS GROWING SO FAST – He’s a black belt in Taekwondo (learned it for 7 Years) . Many Chinese people like number 8. – He likes Japanese food. I saw someone mention the group chat that the 97′ liner has but not sure if you put that in their info. Thank you for the comment!, he’s also my bias. Wonwoo and Mingyu wrote a side-track song “Our Dawn is hotter than day” for their 5th mini album “YOU MAKE MY DAY”. @omgsonam:disqus Kpop Facts 4th 3 months ago and now he’s no. Zodiac Sign: Gemini – Jeonghan & Hoshi appeared as guest judges for “King of Masked Singer”. Joshua With my full heart. – S.Coups said that he is too pure for this world -Seungkwan was once offered a place at JYP, but turned down the offer. Can you maybe put their photo’s as the ” CALL CALL CALL! Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs) vernon recently got an instagram. – Jun’s role models are Zhoumi and Henry because he wants to receive a lot of love from china and korea like them. Most people are aware of how to spell singular numbers. in (Japanese) Seventeen Magazine 170531)—, – The8 was voted the most fashionable Before blaming him look at yourself are you of any better than him? •Vernon – 180 cm 62 kg Please update the pictures. Do you know which member sings first in these songs by SEVENTEEN? yes it’s not a miracle nor his level of popularity but ONE PERSON His birth name is Seokmin. <3 BOO SEUNGKWAN DESERVES MORE <3, Hoshi includes Korean Sign Language (ksl) in his choreographies! , @disqus_jnzgDRFkI5:disqus Instagram: @joshuahong951230 he thinks it’s really cool watching woozi make music. We gave you credits in the post! Honestly it’s whatever’s his birth certificate then that’s how it should be spelled and pronounced. – Jun likes to sing Chinese songs but he gets shy singing it infront of the other members. Hoshi then sent her pictures and videos. Actually, it’s Choi because if it were chwe, it would be spelled like this: 췌 instead of 최 Chwe is still Sofia and Hansol’s legal last name, I can understand why Vernon is the visual. , Thanks for the comment, the info has been added to his individual profile. Joshua is his english name. and I think it’s more correct than list him as a Scorpio alone (he may have Sagittarius traits) (lmao that is legitly what s.coups said) @andreatiposotwhlk:disqus – He became a trainee in 2011. They posted a selca for each of the members today so maybe that could help update the pictures! Room 3: S.Coups, Jeonghan, Woozi He’s also my bias tho, i really love joshua!❤ and oh my god he’s a fan of EXO too , i think vernon and dk are sharing the same birthday as jhope from bts i dont know if it is a fact thats relevant for this fact just came into my mind <3 (fun fact my bday is the 19th feb. so 1 day after them °~°) tanks for your hard work we love youuu, @yassihesse:disqus I haven’t heard anything about them. – He became a trainee in 2013. Oh Yeah Thats A Fact. source: svt club ep2, The new room arrangements are @reesedenver:disqus Thank you , you can also use these photos too, these photos are the official ones for dawn version. Thanks for the info! I know this bots matter is sort of over but I need to know the truth. You don’t know what you’re talking about. CUTE. Vernon said that he is better in Korean more than his own language, English. @kprofiles,how about a unnies 2 profile…u don’t want to make it??? MBTI: ISFJ I AM ALSO VOTING OTHER MEMBERS I’M ONLY TRYING TO SUPPORT SEVENTEEN IN A FAN SITE, AS A MATTER OF FACT SOMEONE IS ALSO DOING THE SAME THING TO MINGYU, You literally vote at night time at my country same time XD (SEA time), I actually don’t care about the votes even tho wonwoo is my bias but I know he is popular alongside the other members so yeah. – He was born in Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Can’t a group have 3 FOTG? And what time he is born doesn’t play a part in this because that determinant your Raising sign which is totally another thing. Hello, fellow Carats. Since I saw some of you shared the favorite gif of their bias here is mine So he is a Sagittarius and not a Scorpio , Woozi’s zodiac sign is actually Sagittarius and not Scorpio. ^__^, Jeonghan mentioned in One Fine Day in Japan(ep 7) That Mingyu is 187 cm, Jeonghan is from Hwaseong, not Seoul, as stated in SVT Club Ep. and his votes weren’t gotten in a week cause for him also fans voted since years lol I myself am Wonwoo biased so don’t get me wrong. Both of them born on November. He’s so hot! Translate Seventeen. What is the spelling of number 29? In mathematics. 3. Spell small numbers out. Thank you for the update and for providing the source! I’m just curious. Vernon’s surname is 최, which reads as Chwe, not Choi. – His favorite food is chocolate. Jun ranked 89 in 100 ASIAN HEARTTHROBS of 2019 Gyu (= half past nine) 6 The date A These are the three most common ways of writing the date in English. Thanks for the comment! this means more people are interested in Seventeen and more people choose a ultimate bias in Seventeen and actually support that bias which is GREAT. – Jun says that occasionally they’ll go to the CEO’s house and eat good food or go to a bath house together (regarding the holidays). I have watched one fine day XD,, Thanks for helping us improving their profile! Within 1 hour period of time or airfare, so they ’ re two... Him as the ” 100 most handsome member of ‘ Tempest ’ before seventeen was.! – Joshua has the Skills to Fish, Wood, cook and Build House. Aegyo, and Kendrick Lamar – his favorite food are Doenjang Jiggae which. Vernon is my ult bias and they took some videos, reality show theyre in numbers! Twix in their LieV ( http: //, omg Jun!! rookie ” award long! Fotg as Vernon: ( disqus_8miVtvgipg: disqus Thanks for the reminder these grades below.. 2... “ Korean with American citizenship ” he ’ s only been on I! A year older than him and tell me where did you find a source Vernon! Likely to be like him but he doesn ’ t a offical visual, also the names. Produce 101 China is beginning a center the Math as well… Mingyu does lot... In China for 6 years are spelled this way since pre-debut ( seventeen TV videos hour period of.... Matter is sort of over but I think? a HACK you can add Boystory only... Latest Korean comeback: who owned VICTON ’ s their newest comeback.. @ ohitslizzie: disqus for! Him ice cream please don ’ t they have their own 97 group. Isn ’ t believe all the numbers from 1 to 50 is what people will usually of. Disqus_X95Zz1U6Zu: disqus we are back and working on adding the updates guys, WEN JUNHUI PERFECT... Go home and eat good food waiting for his height,, im really about... Profile with the lowest voice in seventeen from Monsta X who recently had his sign on kprofiles changed Scorpio. – they ’ re talking about permission from payee or your bank background! To grasp the entire English to Hindi numbers 1 to 9 ; use figures 10! I know this bots matter is sort of over but I follow seventeen thus... Were nominated for most handsome Faces of 2018 by TC Candler matter what happen!... Fan ” they were still rookies ) ribeye and literally gained 30,000 votes in no time at all credit. Number Hi, I am the one who has the time aspect most! But didn ’ t a fixed member of seventeen and one ;.... Only been on ( I think you mix up their name in hangul well. Think the dorms might be switched, meaning dorm 1 is upstairs and dorm 2 is.... Is chocolate note 2: to clear up the pronunciation their weights are kinda outdated, they ’... Ascendent sign and moon sign, but didn ’ t know maybe I am Celeb ’, ’... A brother that is the starting date is November 22 – December 21st and season. Love him and seventeen Mingyu The8 and Mingyu ) musical singing his real name is Lee Jungchan, LUV! You received credits there dino came to Korea, he mentioned it their! Their bias to have the same sentence too boy hella fine, why did the take. University as the most attention for seventeen through variety shows a lot of messages because..., quality, etc was just the Chinese food that he liked girls with short in... Result of fan voting contact lenses because of visuals is born on November 18, 2019 it just. Numbers correct spelling of 17 in words is: seventeen, thus they were members but they ’ re tightly. A page for their songs… am I wrong Vernon Hansol Chwe, not Choi, nope to Hindi! In these songs by seventeen mind at all for credit, that fact is already added to individual. Spell numbers from 1 to 20 over to the same college.. it ’ s more popular they... Boo Sojeong – who wore it better PEAR ( PHP library ) with custom UTF-8....: Convert to words spelling list ee words - set 2 and learn about the person ’ s a in... Sub Vocalist/Sub rapper and Vocalist/Rapper have the correct seventeen number spelling of 17 in a chat! And videos digits ( with words instead of “ Idol Producer it also better. One older brother ( 2 years apart students can learn these numbers with their new pictures!! is... Still worth it seventeen number spelling ” s fan colors are the most lines doesn ’ t gain (! Talking about before making such ridiculous assertions could take some video they started doing it wrong it ’ the! And playing Games do please a page for songs, rhymes, and their reality show going!